Wordless Wednesday–What’s In Your “Wallet?”

by Shelly Tucker on May 1, 2007©


Again, it’s not a Wordless Wednesday! But, it leaves you kinda speechless, doesn’t it? I had to do this, because Jessica the Rock Chick insisted. So, I’m passing on the indignity. Jennymcb,Teamouse (who has a wonderful contest going on at her place), Thomma Lyn, SusieJ—–what’s in YOUR wallet? Show us your purse if you dare.

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Dawn May 22, 2007 at 1:24 pm

That’s my pen! You stole that from me! I want it back :grin:

You will have to make time in your schedule to drop by and get it :lol: THEN, I’ll give it back!~skt

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