The Face Behind The Hands

face-behind-the-blog.jpg I was tagged by Derek Wong, at Going the Wong Way, for the Face Behind the Blog meme. He had a good one with pictures from his childhood and a funny current one. It’s kind of nice to have a face to go with the words.

Now, y’all, I haven’t been shy about putting my face on this blog. Heck, I’m a performer and my mug can be found in other places on the internet. That’s me on the sidebar, trying to sell you one of my storytelling cds; I put a picture of me in concert on my About page (but don’t go look unless you want to get scared silly), and I even showed you a picture of me topless! Yes, I did, because I have no shame.

shelly_pitches_a_hissyfit.JPG But, in the spirit of showing you a little about me that I don’t show you every day, I’ll give this a try. I’ll begin by admitting something to y’all that I wouldn’t tell anyone else. Let it be known that Shelly is one of those people who likes to get her own way. I don’t do it so frequently anymore, but when I was little I was good at pitching a wall-eyed hissy fit. It never did me much good, but it got the frustration out. These days, I usually hold my temper. Usually.

When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait to get to drive a car! As a teenager, I enjoyed driving all the time. I cruised The Drag any chance I got. The Drag? Well, that’s the main street in a small town, where teenagers with raging hormones drive back and forth trying to “see and be seen.” If you had a date you were showing off. If you didn’t have a date, you were trying to get one. I was usually trying to get one!


These days, driving isn’t nearly so exciting. Most of my school year is spent “on the road.” I do not enjoy that part of what I do. These days, driving is a drag! And, I don’t have to worry about getting a date anymore. My husband won’t let me go on one unless he is along for the ride.

It stands to reason that anyone who will save a worm or a turtle on the road would love critters of all kinds. I do, and for some reason I always try to get kissy-face with them. They don’t always reciprocate.

shelly_outdoors.jpgI’ve always loved being outdoors. Hiking is one of my favorite things. When I was younger, I enjoyed slalom water skiing and sail boarding. Unfortunately, the man I married enjoys none of those things, but I’ll keep him anyway. There is much to be said for vacations where one “camps” in a four star hotel and lounges by the pool.

I perform on stage a lot.

Other than that, it’s mostly sit at the computer. Those hands you see at the top of the page are mine (cartooned so that you can’t see the knots from the arthritis!). If I haven’t bored you silly yet, you can see a streaming video of me telling stories (if you have RealPlayer) here, here, or here. Or you can view me being interviewed at North Texas State University here. They seem to take a little while to load, but it could be because my computer is wonky.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

There are several folks I would love to tag, but I don’t know if they want to remain anonymous. So, I tag the first five people who comment and say they want the links.

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