Charities, Bottle Trees, and Contests

Oh my goodness! I have tons of things I want to tell you about, so I’m pulling part of them together in one post. I’m behind in answering my comments, but I hope you’ll forgive me. I’ve had oodles of things going on around here.

You might have noticed that button (created by Mrs. Teamouse at Teatime Ramblings). I hope you will see a lot more of it on posts throughout the blogosphere. Click it to go to the post about a charity project that can involve us ALL. My dream is to make afghans for Camp Sanguinity, a camp for children with cancer. I want each child to have a granny afghan made with squares from all over the continent (and maybe beyond). Imagine the love that child will feel knowing that forty different people care. Even if you can’t crochet, there is much that you can do. I’ll be telling you more about that in another post. For now, you can help me spread the word! If you post the button with a link back to the post about the campaign, please tell me, and I will link you there.

Yesterday, I spoke to the owner of a local bistro/coffeeshop who has offered to throw open her doors to the community for a Share A Square Day. We will invite the locals to come and ]crocheta square for an afghan. I’ve contacted a local craft store about the possibility of donating yarn and crochet hooks. Everyone will sit around drinking coffee, crocheting, and getting to know one another. Maybe you could organize one in your community? I know, I know. I’m dreaming BIG. Dream with me, won’t you?

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Y’all may remember that I posted about bottle trees a few days ago. One kind woman, who wasn’t a blogger, e-mailed me to send me to a place called the Garden Web. Lots of those folks have bottle trees, and there were pictures. If you are a gardener, this looks like a forum to join! There are people there with websites about gardening, and I think you could find out anything you want to know. Probably in the forums you would meet some pretty nice folks.

The fun little tree above was posted by Kendra, whose on-line name is “uptomyeyeballs.” She said, “Here is my bottle tree. It is always a work in progress. Right now there are tomatoes in and on it. morning glory vines beginning to grow up it and marigolds in front. It will look nice once it fills in. Oh and see if you can find some baby chicks in the picture.”

bottletree.jpgI also discovered that the tree a friend had e-mailed to me has a real live owner! I’ve talked to Cindee, who was the creator of this tree, her website has pictures of other items in her garden. She said, “The tree is actually a peach tree that died and instead of pulling it out I decided it could be the tree for the bottles.” I may just have to go kill my peach tree, because this is the coolest one I’ve seen! Thanks for the great idea, Cindee!

I asked for bottles, and got a response from a couple of friends. Tumbled Words and Title Deleted for Security Reasons have both offered to send me bottles. I can’t wait to see what I get! There will be a bottle tree in my yard!

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blogblowsmydress_sidebar.jpg Don’t forget to enter your funny post in This Eclectic Life’s This Blog Blows My Dress Up Contest! The contest ends at HIGH NOON, Texas time, TOMORROW! Then the entries go to Jennymcb at J’s Thought and Musings for judging.

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Speaking of J’s Thoughts and Musings….

She has a Limerick Contest going on right now! The deadline is June 17th, so hurry and write. If you go visit here, she has pulled several of the entries together on one post.
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Now, I have to make myself presentable so I can tell stories to children. Y’all enjoy every minute of your day, and come back to visit. Y’hear?

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the promotion for the first time that we did Share A Square. The Share A Square Project is an ongoing one! You can see posts about what we did in 2010-2011 at this category link. Join us at Facebook or Ravelry. We would love to have your help. Visit the FAQ for more information.]

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  1. June 15, 2007 at 12:09 pm

    You do love to hold us accountable, don’t you! Love the other bottle tree. Exciting days ahead for all!

    I solved the domain problem on my poetry blog!! Please just remove “blogspot” from the link. Gracias.

    And don’t you dare kill that peach tree! Why not do an uncreative neighbor a favor and dig up their dead tree instead?

    Have fun with the kids.

    The kids were fun, and I’ve got big news. Wait. I may have just goofed up your links. OH NO!~skt

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