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Squares have been coming in like crazy the last few days:
yellowrosesquares.jpg This is what tumbled out of the box that was sent by Yellow Rose’s Garden. Sherry, you’ve been a crocheting fool! I love it, and I hope your father-in-law is better. To have done all this while you were having to deal with his hospitalization impresses me greatly.

Mitchowl, in Idaho, sent some more squares…Linda, I appreciate your help, too! Talina N. in Flagstaff, AZ sent a packet, and each one was different! All of them are lovely, Talina. Paula at Mixed With Sugar send a large packet. Barbara in Florida sent an envelope full, and Connie K., in Longview, Texas sent another packet, as did Vickie in California. Y’all send as many as your heart tells you to send!

Stacy H. sent me squares from Taichung, Taiwan! Stacy, we had gone international when Teamouse sent squares from Canada…yet, something about these being from Taiwan make them really special to me (I hope that the postage was not as much as it looked like it was!). I appreciate your good heart!


I also got a wonderful packet that was overflowing with squares from the folks at Tracy Federal Credit Union in Tracy, California! Thank you for your generosity!


My counters are getting filled! I’ve started dividing the squares into packets for separate afghans. I’m excited. Thank you all for your help!

SATURDAY, 7/14/07

Marcia, who has forty-eleven different blogs, posted an article about Share A Square on all of them, called “Let me make this easier for you to share.” That’s at her Tumbled Words site. She also has RV Poetry, MeeAugraphie, and Shh-Speak Up. Thank you Marcia, for offering compelling reasons to help, and easy ways to do so!

Yesterday, I received 55 new squares!


This basket full is from Donna N. She’s not a blogger, but I linked to her workplace. She has now sent me more than enough squares for two afghans. Here is an excerpt from the letter she wrote me:

“Last week a friend gave me ‘centers’ her late husband’s aunt (since passed away) who was a nun made. There must be 100 or more—-too many to throw away since all that work was already done. I took them and added 3 more rounds. If you can still use squares I’ll keep sending them. This is my way of thanking the Lord for my health and the good health of those I know and love.”

Donna, thank you. Your generosity is overwhelming. One of these days maybe I can meet you and give you a big old hug.

etsy_yellow_ribbon.jpg Casey K sent me these yellow ribbon squares. Now, I’m here to tell you that I tried making a square using single crochet (I didn’t even change colors) and it took four times as long to do as a simple granny square! Maybe it’s because I’m not skillful. These have a lot of work to them. And, they are beautiful. Casey, they will add a lot of interest to the afghans. I put a link to the site where you offered instructions on this site somewhere and I can’t find it now. If you see this and want to e-mail me with the link, I’ll quickly add it before I lose it.

Sandee at Comedy Plus sent me a huge box of yarn and hooks. She tried desperately to learn to crochet, but it wasn’t working for her, so she sent the yarn on to me. Sandee, it’s wonderful and I appreciate it. We will be using it next week!

Matty at Running On Empty posted a reminder today called This N That. I appreciate the help, Matty. Once again, though, let me tell y’all do NOT send me money. You’ll get me in trouble with Uncle Sam, and be sending these squares to my cell in prison.

MONDAY, 7/16/07


Thought you might like to see this. These 18 squares will be surrounded by a frame of 22 squares made by participants at The Colony Public Library this week.

WEDNESDAY, 7/18/07

I have not been able to drop by the mailbox yet today, but this is what has been flooding in during the last few days. We have accumulated 635 squares in a little over a month’s time! Thank you all for your help.
TOMORROW IS THE FIRST SHARE A SQUARE DAY! I’ll try to write more in the morning before I leave, then update you with pictures when we are done, so you can see what your handiwork has wrought!


These lovely squares came in from Laura L., with Dog’s Eye View, in Concordia, KS. Thanks for your support, Laura!


Gloria M. in PA, who is not a blogger but found out about the program from Life in Westcliffe, sent an envelope full of beautiful bright squares.


Janet, at Life in Westcliffe, sent some more!


Holly W. lives in Wisconsin and is not a blogger, but she found out about the program and has been crocheting like crazy.


Sandee at Comedy Plus sent a lot of yarn, and she was one of the first to help publicize the program. I couldn’t imagine a first afghan without a square dedicated to her, so I used her yarn and made one. This is for you, Sandee.


Jenny McB at J’s Thoughts & Musings, her friend Rose, and Rose’s daughter Laura sent 154 beautiful squares from New Hampshire. Whoot!


Terri B. in Corinth, TX (which is just spittin’ distance from my house) sent along this rainbow of squares

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the promotion for the first time that we did Share A Square. The Share A Square Project is an ongoing one! You can see posts about what we did in 2010-2011 at this category link. Join us at Facebook or Ravelry. We would love to have your help. Visit the FAQ for more information. ]

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