You See By My Outfit That I’m Not A Cowboy

I think they have the wrong idea about Texans.

They think my state is filled with gun-totin’, rootin’-tootin’ cowboys. “They” are three men from Germany who are here working at my husband’s company for three weeks. Most of their time has been spent involved with the work, but they went to a local rodeo last weekend.


It wasn’t even a very good rodeo! I was plumb embarrassed to hear it, because it’s one of the most rinky-dink rodeos around, but they thought it was marvelous. They had never been to a rodeo, and were most amazed that the cowboys were riding those bucking broncos without a helmet.

Of course, now they think that all Texans are silly enough to do that.

For the record, most Texans live in towns or cities; most Texans are not cowboys; and some Texans have more sense than to get on a half-wild horse. In fact, I dare say that most Texans have never been on a horse of any kind. There are a lot of people around here who wear fancy cowboy getup, but you can tell that they aren’t cowboys if their boots are shiny.

It was difficult to dissuade the Germans of the idea that we are all cowboys. Earlier this week, we had supper with them at a local restaurant (we ate supper at 7:30 in the evening…it was an “all you can eat” restaurant…if I haven’t eaten by 7:30 I can clear a buffet table!). I had a hard time making them believe that I was a Native Texan, because I wasn’t wearing boots, a big ol’ hat, and sporting a Colt 45 in my holster (they were disappointed that it was only a curling iron in the holster). I had to resort to putting on my extreme Texas accent “an’ start tawkin’ lak iss to them fellers ’bout warshin’ dishes an’ renchin’ dishes an’ puttin’ stuff away ovair” to make them realize that I belong here.

Today, I’ve spent some time cruising the internet and ransacking my travel files. My goal was to put together an itinerary for a weekend road trip. This weekend, the men have decided they want to go down to Austin and San Antonio. I want them to get to experience a “taste of Texas” that will send them away with a good impression. I want them to see something besides cowboys!

Because they wanted to be outdoors, I added places like Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg and a few hiking trails. I told them where to get a tube to ride down the Comal River, and some places they could ride a horse (though I didn’t tell them where they could get a helmet). I told them about The Alamo, and the State Capitol, and The Institute of Texas Cultures. I told them about tours to see the bats in Austin and ghost story walks. I told them about Gruene and Wimberley and other tiny towns that folk might miss, because they are off the beaten path. I noticed that I listed A LOT of places to eat…wonder why that would be? There is so much to do, and a weekend is so little time!

Now, I’m glancing out my window and realizing that some weather is coming in. By that I mean bad weather. The wind is whipping the trees, in the distance the sky is all clabbered, and I hear thunder rumbling. In fact, as I’m writing, the Devil is beating his wife (rain is pouring down while the sun is shining).

Crud. I should have spent the day planning them a trip to Oklahoma!

  4 comments for “You See By My Outfit That I’m Not A Cowboy

  1. August 29, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    What an amazing hostess you are. I hope the weather clears up for them.

    PS Years ago when I was in France someone heard I lived in the US (and from NY at that, about as far from Texas as you can get) and actually asked me if I knew JR! I didn’t even know where to begin to respond…

    Robins last blog post..Itai’s running away

    JR??? 😆 that beats me by a hands breadth. I hope the weather clears, too…

  2. August 29, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    That is just like when you tell people you are from California. They think you are a surfer…lol Cowboys are hot(-:

    cindees last blog post..Moth Vistor

    You crack me up!! 😆 Not ALL cowboys are “hot,” some are just sweaty!

  3. August 29, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    the devil is beating his wife! I LOVE that – so descriptive.

    thanks for sharing – I hope they get a lot out of Texas – but they already have if you have given them a piece of your mind heart

    barbaras last blog post..Fireweed

    I think Texas is just different enough that they like it. Have you never heard the expression, “The Devil is beating his wife?”

  4. August 30, 2008 at 7:19 pm

    Oh, and if you live in Colorado, people think that you ski ALLLLLLL the time, and that you live IN the mountains, like perched on the very tippy top of one somewhere.

    I hate skiing. With a firey and intense passion.

    Ambers last blog post..Itching and Rashy and Scratching, Oh My!

    😆 My husband is from California, so I assumed he was a surfer…I’m guilty, too! I’m with you on the skiing. I love a ski vacation…if I can shop and sit in a hot tub while the rest of the party goes to the mountains.

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