Scavenger Hunt

I’m going around the house looking for lucky charms (like this “storyteller” charm, which is about an inch tall).

It’s a scavenger hunt; that’s what Jamie said I am doing with this new project I envision. I need you to help me!

I was calling it The Medicine Bag Project, but she suggested just calling it “Good Medicine.” Amber, “seconded” that motion, and I think is a fine idea. “Good Medicine” it is.

What is Good Medicine? You didn’t follow the links … did you? Well, I want to get volunteers to make 140 medicine bags for children who will attend Camp Sanguinity next year. I want to fill each medicine bag with three lucky charms (and notes from the people who sent them). The kids who attend Camp Sanguinity are either cancer patients or their siblings, and you and I both know that cancer overshadows their lives. This year, we gave them wonderful granny afghans through the Share A Square Project. I’m hoping this project will be more manageable, but will still give them something they will treasure just as much. It might not warm their bodies, but I think it will warm their hearts.

I think this project might take off, especially if y’all will all go and read Jamie’s post about it, the final paragraph had both Mr. Tucker and I in tears (she has a way with words, does Jamie). It truly will be a scavenger hunt!

Already, Jamie, Barbara, Janneywan, Amber, Jessica The Rock Chick, Lola, Robin, Mental P Mama, Marilyn, and my non-blogging friend Annemarie have commented that they are interested. Miserablebliss made a tweet in Twitter about it. And, Keiko contacted me via Twitter to tell me she will help [Keiko is the one who got many women in Japan involved with Share A Square.]

Last night, a group of friends all got excited about gathering charms, so I’m betting that 10 of them participate. Heck, I may have to find another cancer camp for kids if we get too many people wanting to participate!

Now, this time around, the project won’t get it’s own website (I did that for Share A Square, and it overwhelmed me). The pictures will be put on a Flickr page, so you’ll be able to see them all there.

If you choose to participate, you can help me by taking pictures of your charms and/or bags and e-mailing it to me!

With Share A Square, I got so bogged down taking pictures that I couldn’t do updates! To see updates, you can add me to your feed by clicking on that adorable puppy dog on the sidebar. But, I won’t be talking about this all the time, so if you don’t want to read all my blabberings (do what?), just go to this page and bookmark it. Every time I update, I’ll link back to that page and it will show up as a comment.

  3 comments for “Scavenger Hunt

  1. August 31, 2008 at 1:06 pm

    My kids go back to school tomorrow so I should definitely have some time for treasure hunting later this week.

    Here’s an oddball question – would an acorn work or would it eventually rot? My son brought some home from the US as part of his own treasures and I’m sure he’d be willing to part with one.

    Robins last blog post..Itai’s running away
    An acorn would rot most definitely (sometimes, without you knowing it, the acorn already has tiny bugs inside it!).

  2. August 31, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    So, I’m so excited about this new project that I’m already two bags in. 😳 I’m just saying, if you need more bags, holler. I’m clearly not pacing myself here. 😆

    Ambers last blog post..Itching and Rashy and Scratching, Oh My!

    You crack me up! Me? I’m having fun gathering charms!!! If we get so many charms that I have to find a different place to send some…I’ll put you on a production line with the bags. OK?

  3. August 31, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    Sweet! Like I said, I’m in!

    Hey, maybe now would be a good time to start your financial drive, too–you know how this year you tried to send kids to camp for free–maybe now that we’re nearly a year out, that might be more feasible?

    Just a thought. I know you dream big, and I consider myself an instigator. 😆

    Ambers last blog post..Good Medicine

    You ARE an instigator, aren’t you! 😆 After screwing up my taxes, my accountant would shoot me if I try again. I’ll tell people where they can send checks!

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