Making A List And Checking It Twice.

I’ve been disturbed, but I decided to cheer me up by making a list. Making lists always works, sometimes. It seems to calm me down to have things in writing.

Did you know that today was International Disturbed People Day (who makes this stuff up?). I missed it, because I was too upset. I’ve been mourning my beloved Paul Newman (I cried when I poured my salad dressing tonight), and fretting over the stinkin’ economy, and worried about beleaguered folks down in Beaumont, Texas, where they are struggling to regain some part of a normal existence after Hurricane Ike [Did you know that the 1900 hurricane that destroyed Galveston was known as “Isaac’s storm”…for a climatologist named Isaac Cline, who predicted it? How’s that for weird?]

I digress.

I’m making a list of things to do before my next birthday (I have until March). Blame Schmutzie; she gave me the idea, because some friends of hers were writing a list of things to do before their next birthday, so she decided to do it, and it seemed like a good idea. Here’s what her friends said:

My divine friend Joslyn and I have been chatting for a while now about how we need to make lists that are for our lives and how hard it is to create and sustain that giant “bucket list” over the course of a life, but how it is far more manageable to keep ongoing yearly goals and lists.
After some inspiration from the amazing Hula Seventy, Jos decided to do a list of 34 things before she turns 35 later this year and since I am turning that magical number too I hopped on board too.
These lists are meant to be realistic and in the spirit of being good to [yourself].

Simple things. Small things. Meaningful things.

Now here is the fun part:
Please join us in sharing [your] lists.
What do you want to do before [you’re] 25 or 43 or 55?
Next month? Next year? How can you make the time to be good to [yourself]?

Inspire us please?
Share with us by linking to Doobleh-vay and Simple Lovely blogs and posting [your] own list.
Leave us a comment that [you’re] participating too.
We will pick one each day next week to share with the world.
And perhaps a little prize at the end too?
Kiss Kiss

So, since I’m going to be 55 next year, it’s a long list! I have to list 54 things I’m going to do before my birthday. I apologize in advance for being so old.

54 Things To Do Before I Turn 55

1. Remember to look at the list.
2. Choke down oatmeal twice a week, because it’s good for me.
3. Drink a glass of red wine each day, because it’s good for me. Maybe I can dowse the oatmeal with the wine to make it more palatable. Or not.
4. Give my husband spontaneous foot rubs (foot rubs are good for the solesoul).
5. Stop making bad puns.
6. Leave sticky notes all over the house to remind my husband to give me “spontaneous” foot rubs.
7. Take time with my cats each day to just play.
8. Learn from them how to be completely lost in the moment.
9. Learn from the cats how to be totally relaxed. No one relaxes better than a cat.
10. Take as my motto: “If you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right.” I don’t know if I can do that, but I’ll try.
11. Give someone a hug every day.
12. Remember to use deodorant before I give out hugs.
13. Have a party…for no reason at all but just to celebrate.
14. Remember birthdays…not mine, but other people’s. Maybe even do more than remember, and get the cards in the mail.
15. Finish the five remaining afghans for Share A Square so I can call it a “wrap.”
16. Stop making bad puns.
16. Get all the medicine bags and charms for the Good Medicine Project.
17. Answer all my comments from this month and stay caught up with the answering.
18. Don’t beat myself up if I don’t get them all answered.
19. In fact, stop beating myself up, but give myself affirmations, because “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!”
20. Re-read To Kill A Mockingbird and savor every delicious word.
21. Learn to use this polymer clay I bought to make beads and stuff.
22. Turn on the music and dance every day (when no one is looking).
23. Remember to shave my legs, even though I’m not going to show them to you. It’s just gross when you can braid your leg hair.
24. Use my Nordic Track for exercise instead of as a clothes rack.
25. Laugh uncontrollably every day at 10, 2, and 4 instead of drinking Dr. Pepper.
26. Go to Austin to see the bats.
27. Get new glasses because I’m blind as a bat. I’m seeing double double.
28. Finish painting the closets.
29. Call a few friends I haven’t talked to in ages and remind them that I love them.
30. Don’t be Scrooge at Christmas this year, even though Christmas decorations in August makes me see red.
31. Stop making bad p…
31. When Depression tries to strangle me, fight back.
32. Keep my chins up.
33. Turn my frowns upside down so that I can have symmetrical wrinkles.
34. Remember to water the plants. My money tree died. No seriously! I had a money tree and I killed it. Daddy always said I was hell on money trees.
35. Write five new ghost stories, because I’m sick of my old repertoire.
36. Pretend I am going to get jobs where I can tell the new stories.
37. Lower my cholesterol, so I never have to hear another doctor say, “How are you alive?”
38. Stop procrastinating. At least, think about it.
39. Break rules.
40. Figure out what the rules were that I broke.
41. Apologize to all concerned for the rules I broke.
42. Don’t break the rules about speed limits, especially if the Highway Patrol is in the area.
43. Take time for long, hot baths. I’m clean! But, I take showers and baths are more fun.
44. Sort through all the papers I have accumulated and actually throw some of them away.
45. Don’t get them back out of the trash can.
46. Take walks barefoot in the rain.
47. Make sure it isn’t freezing rain. Get a pedicure afterward.
48. Take occasional naps (after I tie up all five cats and stash them in the garage).
49. Write more haiku poetry.
50. Give myself permission to take artsy-fartsy photographs.
51. Don’t expect that everything I try will be perfect the first time out. Even Einstein didn’t make a perfect light bulb the first time.
52. Remember that Einstein didn’t make the light bulb…Edison did. Well, they both started with “E.”
53. Never, never never say “goodbye” to my beloved husband without telling him, “I love you.” You never know….
54. Exhale.

AngGHAAY, Asmah ist..

OOPS, let me get my tongue out of my cheek.

OK, that’s my list. Have you got one? If so, post it and tell me (I’ll give you a link) and then go to doobleh-vay to tell her you posted. I look forward to seeing what you think you’ll get done.

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  1. September 28, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    I LOVE your list! I’m a list person too,”seems to calm me down”…haven’t heard anyone else say that…but it works for me! And once calmed? My list seems done!:rol:

    Barbs last blog post..Something different…

  2. September 28, 2008 at 11:50 pm

    What an awesome idea! I love your list! I’m a list person too. Will have to make my list up soon, my birthday is coming up in November. 😉

  3. amy
    September 29, 2008 at 5:34 am

    love love yr list! thanks so much! xoxoxo amy

    amys last blog post..just afloat on the sea/find myself on a page of history

  4. October 2, 2008 at 10:51 am

    I love your list, but I love you even more! Your openness is amazing and it’s on my list of things I really like in a person 🙂

    If I give this a try, I’ll be sure to let you know!

    Jessica The Rock Chicks last blog post..Hand(bag) Jive

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