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Do you have tiny trinkets tucked in the drawers that could be “lucky charms?” Are you “crafty?” We need your help to share some love with children with cancer. You can even help if you blog, just by spreading the word.

thiseclecticlife's Good Medicine: The Medicine Bag Project photoset thiseclecticlife’s Good Medicine: The Medicine Bag Project photoset

I have twenty medicine bags boxed and ready to give to children at Camp Sanguinity next summer. It’s amazing to me that those twenty bags don’t quite take up the space of one of the afghans we gave to the children last summer! I can do this project and still have a guest room. You cannot know what a relief that is!

For those of you unfamiliar with Camp Sanguinity, it is a summer camp here in Texas that is associated with Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth. Each summer, 140 children attend. They are children diagnosed with cancer, and the siblings of children with cancer. During that week of summer camp, the children can participate in all the “normal” camp activities and just be kids.

They don’t have to think about the shadow of cancer that looms over their lives. Nobody asks them silly questions, like “Why are you so tired?” “Why don’t you have any hair?” “Why do you take that medicine?” “Why…why…why?”

Everybody already knows “why.”

Last summer, we delivered 140 afghans made from granny squares to those children with the Share A Square Project. It was our way of sharing a little love with those kiddos, and it was a tremendous success. In fact, I’ve got more than 30 extra afghans to give to children who didn’t get to attend camp last summer. I need to get a free moment to deliver them to Fort Worth! More than 400 people around the world helped out.

This year, I decided that we would make “medicine bags.” They are tiny necklaces with bags (4 inches by 4 inches) that hold three lucky charms (three is a magic number in folklore). I first wrote about it in this post. Then I had hoped to gather them all by December, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

With The Good Medicine Project, I’ve had lots of promises of help, but I haven’t received many bags in the mail. There is plenty of time, and people are occupied with the holidays, so I’m not worried –yet. But, I’m not counting the bags until they are in a box on my desk. You can find my address on that first post.

Suzanne McCarty in Washington State (who was a helper with Share A Square) sent a handful of lovely handmade angel charms. My friend Robin, in Israel, sent some lucky coins and charms to fill those bags. Lacy_lucy in the United Arab Emirates sent me three breathtaking bags. Heather in British Columbia sent me two very elegant bags. Katie Alender in Studio City, CA sent me six wonderfully whimsical bags. I’ve made the others.

Before Christmas comes, I plan to make a passel of leather bags for the boys. Most of the ones I’ve got so far are very feminine. But, I picked up a couple of leather skirts at the thrift store for $5 — and I can stitch 20 or more bags from them. I think the boys might like those better.

Now you might be thinking, “That’s a great project, but she will have more help than she needs.Hold on!

If, by some miracle, I get more than 140 bags … I can find another summer camp for children with cancer. If I get flooded with medicine bags, we can spread that love even further than Camp Sanguinity.

Unfortunately there is a never-ending supply of children with cancer who could benefit from our support.

[Note: Right now, I’m having a little problem with my hands, so I’m not spending much time at the computer. If you write me, and I’m not quick with a reply…please be patient with me.]

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  1. December 5, 2008 at 11:07 am

    I have two ready to send on Monday. And can make more as I go along, but probably not for December. Sorry. 🙁

    I had a third, but the felting appears only to have happened on the up and down and not the side to side. So, it is 4 inches tall, but seems closer to 6 inches wide (and it started at 5 and a 1/2!) That was with hand felting. I will try again in the washer and see if it works.

    Kathleens last blog post..12.4.08 – Number One

    I appreciate you….don’t drive yourself crazy on the size. I’d like them small, but we will work with what we get.

  2. Sheila Atwood
    December 5, 2008 at 4:54 pm

    I have finished my medicine bags they are on their way. I had tons of fun doing this project! They are all hand made…but not by me. There are 3 for girls and 3 for boys. Also my daughter had her group of girls make bags. Three of the girls recently lost a parent to cancer. She said they put their hearts into it.

    You know how much I appreciate you…and the girls who helped. The children will love them…all the more.

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