Share A Square Assembly Begins

Patience is not one of my virtues, I’m afraid. I never can wait to get started on a new project. That’s why I am already assembling afghans for Share A Square while I wait for the remainder of the crocheted squares to arrive. I’m putting together “half-afghans” (5 in the last week) until I get the other squares.

afghan assembly

I’m multi-tasking, of course, watching The Name of the Rose on my iPad while I stitch. That’s Sean Connery’s bald pate on the screen.

stitching afghans

By August 26th, I’m hoping that I will have collected 4,000 colorful crocheted squares for Share A Square, so that I can put together the first 50 afghan kits. We are working on it. The catch is that I need at least 80 different people participating! Preferably, many more people; last year we had more than 500 volunteers from all over the world.

These squares are assembled into blankets for children with cancer and their siblings who will attend a Camp Quality Summer Camp. If you browse through the Share A Square 2010 category (the afghans were actually delivered in 2011), you will see the posts about our delivery. Tissue Alert! It will likely bring tears of joy to your eyes. Hopefully, it will make the “crafty” folk among you want to help.

Some folks get very fancy with their squares (and often share patterns on the Facebook Group page or at the Ravelry Group page). Keep in mind that the squares don’t have to be elaborate! I just need to have pretty squares before the first deadline, so that I can put together 50 afghan kits to get my assemblers started on their task.

If you can send any crocheted squares to me by August 26th, 2011, it would be a huge help. Please visit the FAQ for all the information, but in a nutshell we need:

  • Six inch squares crocheted from acrylic yarn.
  • When you make your last stitch, weave the yarn to a corner and leave an 18″ tail of thread for stitching the afghans together.
  • A business card sized “tag” with your name and location (so the kids know who their new friends are).

If this is the first time you have seen anything about the project, I know that you are thinking, “I don’t have time to crochet squares and get them to you by August 26th!” Take a deep breath … and don’t panic. In all, we are making 150 afghans! I will put together another 50 kits at the end of October. If your heart is moved to stitch for Share A Square the second deadline is October 26th. You will help us put a lot of smiles on little faces of kids with cancer.

smiling camper with afghan

Meanwhile, I’ll go back to stitching and finish my movie. I’m just about to find out “whodunnit!” No spoilers in the comments!”