Calling All Coffins — Denton’s Day of The Dead Coffin Race Wants You

There is a festival that we have here in Denton at the end of October. It’s called Denton’s Day of the Dead Festival, and it’s something of a hybrid. It is a combination of a “Dia de los Muertos Festival,” a “Harvest Festival,” and a “Halloween Carnival.” It doesn’t matter what you call it — it’s just a heck of a lot of fun! The website for the event, which is held the last Saturday in October (October 26th, 2013) describes this eclectic event quite well:

“It harkens to an earlier, simpler time, when communities gathered outdoors to celebrate life through song and dance, good food and drink, and camaraderie.”

Yes, there is food, arts and crafts for sale, music, the original Halloween Cabaret “Cirque du Horror,” and a parade. There are plenty of activities for the kids, too, at this family friendly event. But, my favorite part of it all is the Coffin Race!

Coffin races Day of Dead-festival-Ed-Steele

Image courtesy of Ed Steele Photography

Looks like fun, doesn’t it? It is and that’s why I am telling you about it now! If you have a “need for speed,” the knack to build a “vehicle,” and a desire to compete and have fun then you might just want to enter! You still have time! The entry forms and fees ($40 to enter a coffin in the race) are due by October 17th … just visit the Denton’s Day of the Dead website, and you will find what you need (including phone numbers if you need). You can also follow the Day of the Dead Festival on Facebook to keep up with the latest news.

Art and craft vendors … you have time, too! Your deadline is October 1st. Just visit the vendor link and you will find what you need. Please bring lots of Dia de los Muertos styled art … because I can’t get enough!

I’m expecting the festival this year to be enormous. The first year I went (which might have been the first year they held it), it was fun, but it was just a blip. The next year, it seemed to be much more active. Last year it was crazy wild and tons of fun. We will have a lot of people there enjoying the fun. The more racers we have, the better the races. The more vendors we have, the more money I spend the more enjoyable the shopping.

Whether racing, vending, or just having a good time, I hope to see you at Denton’s Day of the Dead Festival!

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  1. September 8, 2013 at 12:27 am

    Shelly, Shelly my ribs have just fallen off…this is too funny! I love it and I wish I could see the race myself. Happy to be here again and I missed you girl too much. Hugggs and you have certainly rocked my world today.

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