Haunted Adolphus Hotel in Dallas

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We stayed at the Adolphus Hotel, a grand historic edifice at 1321 Commerce Street in Dallas. After a century, the place is still a masterpiece. The hotel was built in 1912 by Adolphus Busch, a beer baron, and was intended to be the grandest hotel imaginable. Until 1922, when the Magnolia Petroleum building was built, it was the tallest building in Dallas, but it is dwarfed by many high rise buildings these days. Yet, it is still quite opulent.

You can click the pictures in the gallery below for a taste of the beauty that was everywhere!

It is easy to see that the hotel has always served up luxury to its guests. It is said that some of those guests from long ago decided never to leave! Rumors abound that guests check into the Adolphus hotel and never check out. They say it is haunted. I had heard some of the tales. I knew that it was rumored that a jilted bride committed suicide on the 19th floor. Tragically, it is said that she still haunts that floor.

I’ve seen the videos on YouTube showing the “haunted” elevator doors on that floor going wild; randomly opening and closing for no reason. Sometimes guests complain of hearing footsteps in the hall when no one is there. People have reported hearing ghostly crying or laughter or the faint sound of big band music, when there is no reason for those sounds. Hotel workers on the “graveyard shift” complain of feeling watched by someone they can’t see or of being tapped on the shoulder by unseen hands.

Some think that the ghosts of people who once lived or worked at the Adolphus still come back to haunt it. I don’t blame them, because it is a lovely place. Some members believe that they have seen the ghost of a deceased customer. Shortly after the death of a woman who was a regular customer at one of the hotel’s bistros, some claim they saw her ghost walk in and settle down at her usual table. But, not everyone believes in the ghosts. Some of the employees just laughed when we mentioned apparitions.

We talked to a bartender, who gruffly said, “Yeah, some folks talk about ghosts … but I don’t know about that. However something strange did happen to me once.” He went on to tell us that he was working in his office when a wine bottle fell off the shelf for no reason. “There wasn’t an earthquake,” he said. Luckily the bottle didn’t break and he put it back on the shelf. Two weeks later, the same bottle “jumped” off the shelf. “I don’t know why that happened,” he said. “Maybe the ghost wanted you to relax with a glass of wine?” I suggested.

While there, we saw that a conference group was given a “haunted tour” by the concierge. We later cornered the poor man and asked him about the ghosts, and he kindly offered to take us on a private tour! With luck, Kevin McCrackin will soon be giving regular haunted tours of the Adolphus to the public. It definitely would be a tour worth taking! We crept down the corridors as he kept us spell bound with his tales. Kevin knew much about the history of the hotel … and he had some spine-tingling stories.
Kevin McCrackin -- haunted tour guide at Adolphus
No, I’m not going to tell them to you! Stay at the Adolphus, ask for “Kevin.” Get him to take you around the hotel and when he takes you on a tour give him a decent gratuity! He deserves every penny of it, because he is a darned good storyteller. I don’t think you will regret taking his tour. Unless, of course, you are afraid of ghosts and are sleeping on the 19th floor!

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  1. September 19, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    Great post, Shelly! We just stayed at the Adolphus on Labor Day Weekend. It was beautiful there but we didn’t know it was haunted! I loved the original keys behind the front desk!

    • September 19, 2014 at 3:59 pm

      Oh, I wish you had known! You could have found Kevin, and he would have had you squealing with fright! Hopefully he will soon be offering a tour to the public (whether you are a guest of the hotel or not). It’s got some good stories!

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