I Heart Denton

Vintage Values

I’ve heard people complain about small town life. I don’t mind it much anymore, but I confess that when I first moved to Denton, Texas I wasn’t crazy about it. I missed living in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex where I could shop and eat. It’s been a slow process of discovery, but I’m finding that Denton has several things to recommend it.

One of my favorite places to shop is a vintage clothing store called Circa 77
(225 W. Oak Denton, TX 76201 Phone: 940-483-1977). It’s a tiny hole in the wall off the square crammed full of treasures.

Christine and her mother Janie, the proprietors, are friendly souls who will just let you browse. Or, they will bend over backwards to help you find what you want. Once they know what types of clothing and accessories interest you, they will call you on the phone whenever similar items come in stock.


From antique kimonos to bowling shirts to belly dancing costumes and accessories¬†… you never know what treasures you might find. They have designer evening wear and dresses from the 50s that will make any woman look like Beaver Cleaver’s mom.

If an item doesn’t fit, they will alter it to suit your tastes. I had seen one dress made of double knit with a pattern I thought was delightful. The fabric was a cream colored background with a very 60’s retro chocolate print. The dress had a Nehru collar and zipped down the back. Unfortunately, the dress was too snug on me, so I put it back on the rack. A few days later when I visited the shop, another woman had bought the dress and had the shop alter it. They took out the back zipper and closed the seam, opened the front and installed buttons to make it into a coat. It was awesome¬†… but it still wouldn’t have fit me.

Circa 77 doesn’t just have women’s clothing. My husband and son love to shop there, too. I’ll blog about a jacket we found for my husband later. It deserves a blog of it’s own.

You can also find shoes, belts, hats, and jewelry. The pricing at the story is very reasonable. Even though you have to search through the racks, which is something I despise, it’s well worth the hunt when you find something you love.