Philosophy With A Texas Twang

It’s the only way I can tawk.

Serendipity of the Dragonfly

twelve spotted skimmer

I only noticed the dragonfly on the screen this morning because the internet connection was broken. My morning modus operandi is to make a pot of coffee (strong enough to walk to the cup by itself), then wander into the office to check my two e-mail accounts, my two Facebook accounts, and my site statistics…

Where’s Waldo?

chameleon hiding in aloe vera

I call him “Waldo.” He blends in pretty well, don’t you think? Like a chameleon, this little guy can change colors. In fact, when we were kids we thought these lizards were chameleons, but they aren’t. This green anole has been enchanting me all summer as he hides in different plants on the porch. Mostly,…

A Serving Of Jelly And Philosophy

mayhaw jelly on a biscuit

I scanned the road as I drove down Highway 105, searching for my jelly vendor. The gorgeous faux-spring weather seemed likely enough to bring a roadside vendor out to play. I certainly hoped so, because my sweet tooth was aching for jelly like Mamaw used to make (although she never made mayhaw) slathered all over…