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You ain’t gonna believe this, but…

That’s how most stories start in Texas, and I’m a professional storyteller so I should know. Yes, I have been telling stories for a living for twenty-some-odd years (You can visit my work website for more information at Spin Me A Yarn.)). When I was little, I got a whipping for telling stories (Mama called it “lying.”). These days, I get paid for it! That’s because I learned the importance of semantics: call it “fiction,” and you get paid. Go figure.

I love shivery ghost stories best of all, and on weekends you will find me telling ghost tales on the square in Denton, Texas. It’s called Ghosts of Denton and you would be surprised at how many ghost stories this itty-bitty town has. Join me on Facebook at Ghosts of Denton for tidbits of Denton history, special events, occasional discounts, and general silliness.

If you are wondering who I am…heck, I’ll tell you, because I’m not proud. Here’s my “My Space” style picture with my husband.

I’m just a gal living in Denton, Texas with a husband, and five felines–it’s a zoo. I collect hats, which hang on my walls collecting dust. I have a hoard of “hands,” books, antique fans, spinning wheels, musical instruments, toys, antique tools, masks. I’m old enough to be a member of AARP, but young enough to be able to laugh about it. At least, I can laugh about it most days. My husband is younger than I am, but he gets to be a member of AARP, too. He says that he “grandmothered in.” I tell you what, I don’t like it when he sasses me like that! I am the one who is supposed to be sassy.

Do you wonder what you will find on this blog?
So do I. It is simply a collage of topics that intrigue me. Scroll through the articles and you will see that nearly everything does. I’m curious about anything and everything, and think the rest of the world should be inquisitive also.

I’m using blogging to cure my addiction to computerized Mahjongg. It’s working. Now I’m addicted to blogging.

  4 comments for “About Shelly

  1. joanna
    April 7, 2007 at 7:31 pm

    Shelly, I dont know how to contact you. It seems you havent checked myspace so I thought this would be a better way. I love your blogs! when i am having a bad day I read them and it helps me smile.
    i am now sending you a message on myspace.

  2. lemonthyme
    March 24, 2009 at 3:14 pm

    I loved what you said about Cooter Brown, having disappeared into history, with no one knowing exactly who he was. The folks in my mom’s hometown of Brownsboro used to say that “________
    is tighter than Dick’s hatband.” But none of them could tell me who Dick was. I guess he and Cooter took off together.

    Enjoyed your list very much.

    LOL. Thanks for stopping by! I know that saying, too! Haven’t thought of it in years…thanks for reminding me of it. Brownsboro? My cousins went to school there when they were little and lived on my Papaw’s farm. It was just outside of Brownsboro. Tiny world, isn’t it?

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