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Mocha Mud — A Drink That Is Child’s Play

We all have an “inner child” who speaks to us occasionally. My inner child, whose name is “Muse,” won’t shut up. She can be alternately willful, petulant, charming, funny, humorous, or acerbic. I can often pacify her with coffee, chocolate, or bacon … or by playing dress up and letting her be a pirate. Without her input, I can’t write, for she is my creativity. When she is working with me, she’s “cooking,” but I had no idea she really knew her way around the kitchen!

Hey, Gloomy Guts! Why are you so down? It’s Friday and you are supposed to think of Only The Good … that’s your rule, you know.

I know, Muse, but I’m not feeling it today.

I know somebody who needs her designer coffee! Find your shoes and let’s go down to the coffee house. We’ll turn that frown upside down! Coffee will make you perky. Perky … get it? That’s a joke.

Shush, Muse, I don’t feel like laughing. We can’t go. Haven’t you looked at the checkbook lately? We don’t have work until September. With the kid’s wedding coming up, we have to slow down. If we want to do other fun things, we are going to have to cut out the coffee.

OK. You are probably right … so let’s play in the mud.

I don’t want to get all dirty this morning.

Sheesh! You are slow this morning. “Mud” …”coffee” … get it? C’mon, let’s go in the kitchen. There you go. Now get a pitcher. See that leftover coffee in the pot? Make one and three fourths cups of coffee walk over and hop in the pitcher.

Do what?

C’mon … you always say that your coffee is strong enough to “walk to the cup by itself.” Get it in the pitcher! Good. Now, add one tablespoon of sugar and one fourth of a teaspoon of cinnamon and stir it.

You aren’t doing it right. When you stir it, you have to shake your booty a little. C’mon. There you go! Don’t you feel better already?

Not really …

I’m not finished yet. Now, dance over to the refrigerator. No, you have to dance! Get out the milk, the cream, and the chocolate syrup … the dark chocolate syrup. Good. Add to that pitcher of coffee: one half cup of milk, one half cup of cream and … mmmm … about one sixth of a cup of chocolate (I’d tell you that in tablespoons, but you always tell me I’m not good in math). Now stir, and when you stir you have to shake …

I know, I know. I have to shake my booty.

Now, get Granny Armour’s teapot …

My great-grandmother’s teapot is fragile, Muse! I’m not gonna …

Don’t argue with me, this is for your own good. You played with it when you were a kid. I know that was fifty years ago, but you need to play now. Pour you a cup and let’s sit on the porch and watch the hummingbirds and listen to the mockingbird.

Mocha mud, a homemade mocha drink

Mocha Mud

Mmmm. That’s good, Muse!

I know! It’s better than the coffee house, isn’t it?

I think so.

When we get work again, we have to go back to the coffee house, though. I need to see my friends. They miss me, you know.

The Raspberry

I love YOU, I love bacon, I love YOU, I love bacon.

For those of you who didn’t understand the Muse’s recipe for Mocha Mud, here it is. It’s simple, quick, better than the coffee house, AND it uses up your leftover coffee:

  • 1 & 3/4 cup very strong coffee
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup of cream
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • 1/6 cup of chocolate (more if you like)

Mix it all together, shaking your booty the whole time (because The Muse says that makes all the difference in the world). Serve it over ice in a tall glass, or in your great-grandmother’s favorite tea set. Enjoy it while you watch the hummingbirds and listen to the mockingbird sing.

Have a delightful day. I hope it is filled with only the good!

I Love Fairweather

No, that wasn’t a typo. I like good weather, sure. But, I love Fairweather Lewis! She’s a blogger that my friend Jamie (another blogger I love) told me about. linklove.jpgAll month long, in honor of Halloween, Fairweather Lewis has been featuring ghost stories! Don’t you like ghost stories? Fairweather is a master storyteller, and she has this storyteller on the edge of her seat. I’m enthralled.

Now, speaking of ghost stories, I think I told y’all I had five ghost story CDs to give away. I lied. Actually, I discovered I could give away more … so I posted a comment over there. Everyone who had posted a comment before mine of today gets a CD!! AND I’M STILL GIVING AWAY FIVE MORE CDS!

If you have already commented at that post, click my contact page and send me your address. I’ll start sending them out later this week. I appreciate your comments … and I hope you will go tell all your friends to enter! They have a better chance of winning with you out of the way.

Y’all don’t think I can tell a story, do you? For shame! If you have RealPlayer installed, you can see me tell The Poodle Story. It’s not a ghost story, but it’s pretty “scary.” It’s about a mishap while getting ready for a date in the 1960s (and was filmed at North Texas State University).

Now, I’m going to hope for fair weather, because I need to go into my “studio” to rehearse. I practice my stories on the back porch, with the squirrels as an audience (they think I’m nuts). If you want to hear a ghost story, come on over. I could use the feedback. Stop by Jupiter House and bring me a coffee on the way, won’t you? I could use the caffeine, too.

Jupiter House Java In Black And White

I enjoy making people jealous. Sorry. I’m wicked like that. If you saw “my” coffee house, you would turn green with envy. So, I thought I would show you my morning “routine.” Being a coffee addict, I have to go to Jupiter House, on the square here in Denton, to get my “fix.”

Perfect cup of mocha

Perfect cup of mocha

I realize that this cup of mocha is almost too pretty to drink (but it is as delicious as it looks!). You should see the process that was used, with chocolate syrup, to create that lovely flower.

The artist

The artist

Oops! I got distracted for a moment (I’m old, but I’m not dead). Below is the process he used.

creating a mocha masterpiece

creating a mocha masterpiece

After drizzling the chocolate, a toothpick is used to spread it to make an image. Usually, while my coffee is being made, I wander around the coffee house saying, “Howdy, How y’all doin’ this mornin’.” [YES … I’m afraid I really talk like that. If you ever hear me put the “g” at the end of an “ing,” you’ll know I’m feeling threatened by an authoritative figure.]

morning coffee house crowd

morning coffee house crowd

And, while I wait for my perfect cup of mocha, I try to get all “artsy fartsy” and snap pictures of syrup bottles standing at attention.

syrup soldiers

syrup soldiers

Rank and file

Rank and file

Did I make you jealous? If so, head to Jupiter House in Denton, Texas. I’ll meet you there and buy you a “cuppa.”

This is entered in the Monochrome Weekly Theme. Visit it to find other photos in black and white.